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Mooigezicht Estates is a table grape production company with eleven farm units and is one of the largest producers of seedless grapes in South Africa.
The company’s 335 hectares of vineyard are all in the Hex River Valley, South Africa’s oldest grape production area, located in Western Province. This region has been successful for over a century as the surrounding mountains provide good water surety and the fertile valley soils contain the nutrients necessary to grow crisp sweet grapes.
Mooigezicht Estates offers an extensive range of varieties and has one of the biggest punnet packing operations in the country. To ensure the quality of the grapes Mooigezicht Estates has well-developed operational infrastructure with cold storage, sorting and packing machinery. The company also complies with all major fresh produce industry accreditations and has a state-of-the-art traceability system.
Mooigezicht Estates is one of the biggest providers of employment in the Hex River Valley with up to 1700 employees during the harvest. The company provides housing in staff villages for around 250 families that live permanently on the estate.
The generations of experience in producing quality grapes combined with modern infrastructure and ethical production practices are what distinguish Mooigezicht Estates from the competition.
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