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Sustainable Farming practices

Mooigezicht Estates has a comprehensive sustainable farming practice policy in place to minimise the impact of the production practices on the surrounding environment. This policy is in force and all production activities are undertaken subject to this strict code.
This includes water source protection and usage reduction. The policy also protects the biodiversity of natural habitats and the flora and fauna in the buffer zones between vineyards and where the natural vegetation of the region adjoins the vineyards. The pristine Fynbos habitat still supports a wide range of indigenous animals and birds. To prevent antelope and rock hyraxes from eating the young vineyard shoots we enclose the young vineyards with hessian. This protects the vines without harming the animals. Mooigezicht Estates farms in partnership with nature and acts as a custodian to the natural heritage that surrounds the vineyards.
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